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Ali C.

I love that these shoes are so flexible and comfortable immediately so that I can dance in them right away! The material does not need to be broken in, and the lace up style.


Chelsea B

I love these boots! As always, they're super comfortable to wear. I was also really surprised at how easy they are to put on.


jeffery b.

Excellent well made,I am 5' 10", 120 lbs, wide 17" shoulders, 34A, size XXL fits perfect. Not tight, not loose.



I first ordered a 1-2x and it was a bit snug, and I wear a 2x but they allowed me to return and order the other one for faster processing time than an exchange and I received the other one before Halloween! All around pretty satisfied. It does come wrinkled but there isn't much they could really do about it. Other than that every thing was great!


Great pole.

I love the pole. If you read the instructions it’s easy to put together. For those confused on how to extend it to the ceiling, where you remove the screws and pull down the pole casing the pole extends you just twist it.
I did have trouble turning it from spin to static. But the part where you push down that the “x” meets the screw. I’m not sure if I put mine together wrong but it locks when the screw is across from the “x”
Other than that the pole is great. Easy to put up and take down. It’s kinda heavy though.



I got 2 sets of these gloves to get me through starting pole class, as I sweat a lot and my grip strength was awful. Quite literally, the ONLY way I could accomplish some moves was through these gloves. They made me feel safer on moves I thought I would fall on, and I even lent them out to others in my class who needed help as well— convincing 2 others to buy their own! The gloves allowed me to practice and work on grip strength safely, and now I hardly need to use them. They’re still going strong almost a year later, though they have a few tears now from the abuse I’ve put them through. 10/10 recommend if you’re sweaty like me!

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Amazing Boots

These fit like a dream, They’re so comfortable and easy to wear, I tie the 3 straps and then step into these bad gwurls. New favorite shoe to wear in drag. Thank You YM & Dancer!

Gustavo V

Comfortable and sexy

I was surprised how comfortable these are. I’m not used to wearing heels but these feel good on my feet. And I get compliments for them at my dance class. They make me feel sexy too!

Lisa S.

What's your safe word?

I don't know why these beauties give that vibe but they do. I paired them with vegan leather pants and bam! Not only are these comfortable they're sexy. The material is great and, after my first wear, the shoes fell like the material conformed to my feet. I wore them immediately after purchase, danced, walked and do not regret one moment.


My favorite pair of YM & Dancer so far!

These shoes are comfortable and I love the red! Highly recommend for anyone looking for a pair of dance heels.

Meghan S

Really sexy bootie

These are a sexy heel, they are comfortable. I haven't worn them out yes, only around the house but, I have worn them around the house because I am getting back used to wearing heels. It's been about 3 years since I last wore a pair of heels. My cousin introduced me to YM & Dancer shoes about a month ago and I have bought 4 or 5 pairs so far. I am completely addicted and I am now a customer for life.

Bernadette C.

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